Nicolas Bagus Setiabudi , DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy), BPhys (Hons)

DOCTOR (Dpt) Nicolas Bagus Setiabudi, BPhys (Hons) – Head Physiotherapist (Trainer)

Melbourne Graduate, with working Experience From Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore.

Sugijanto, Dpl. PT, Sft, M.Fis

Holland Graduate, with 20 years of experience.

Rizky Syahputra Amd, Ftr

Senior Physiotherapist

Nuraini Diah Noviati S FT, M.Biotech

Senior Physiotherapist

Maria Jayanti Sembiring, Ftr, S Ft.

Physiotherapist with more than 5 years experience

Cathrin Salim S Ft. Ftr

Young yet smart and talented physiotherapist

Abiyyu Amd. Ftr

Physiotherapist with keen eyes

Asnija Sipahutar Amd. Ftr

Physiotherapist. Always Up to date and Listening

Yanuar Ayu Amd. Ftr

Always Caring and Comprehensive